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Week One SnowFarm Update Friends

I am logging onto my computer for the first time in two weeks - I usually binge once it's out (incessantly looking for exhibition and residency opportunities, and discovering what the heck is out there and what the heck I'm doing next)... so I enjoy the time away from it.

I had excellent travels from SC>DC>NJ>MA, connecting with old and new people, and marveling at my car still somehow running enough to allow me this luxury and freedom...

A week spent in Western Mass has been all and more than expectations. I find peace, creativity, and a reawakened love for nature - seeing poetry before my eyes at every glimmer of playful light, and every staccato of a leaf crunching, bird caw-cawing, and apple thud.

Snow Farm does appear to possess a magic about its campus that is infectious and loving. In one week, I made 8 11"x15" painting-collages that I am very happy with and had a blast doing. It's rewarding to feel my creative juices flow in new settings and produce bodies of work that intrigue me. My process carries me through. I work in pairs.

Instagram: @rachelrinker1 for more frequent updates!

I am reminded that caterpillars turn into moths and butterflies - what could be more being that has two distinct lives.

Much love & well-rounded journeys,


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