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Vicarious Realities - A Snow Farm Book Project

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Hello World,

A quick introductory post (currently packing..) to the beginnings of this personal blog intending to capture a slice of art-life-tangents.

In a short few days I will be in Massachusetts for two months as a Work-Study Participant at a craft school called Snow Farm. Check them out here:

While I'm there, working hard facilitating programs behind and in front of the scenes, I hope to engage this abundantly creative community in a book project and post card exchange. I believe every single thing in the world is connected...Particles of matter, energy, human lives. Books are more inclusive than a single painting or drawing hanging on a wall. They are meant to be handled, physically experienced, and contain all kinds of information (words and visual) in one place. Even seemingly unrelated ideas, pictures, words, can exist quite together within the bounds of a book.

This is an example of my personal work (portraying off-beat connections) - excited for the possibilities to come!

Stay tuned, and I'll get personal sharing my family roots in Western Massachusetts, right around the corner from Snow Farm.

Much love & well-rounded journeys,


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