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Hellooooo World!

What I sometimes say because I got it from a workshop by an amazing woman whose name I do not remember: "Hellooooo World!" "I looooove you, World!" "Hellooooo Sun!" "I looooove you, Sun!"

Been enjoying my time in Western Mass - it seems every time I introduce myself (yes, I'm from South Carolina, no I don't have an accent, yes, it is a very different place, no, we don't all have accents) I make another connection in my web-o-life. Sometimes, it feels I'm looked down upon for being "young," other times, I'm envied, and sometimes it's not a thing at all.

Been enjoying my time in Western Mass - met up with some family I haven't seen in years and found my Grandma and Grandpa's future grave sites.

I am discovering a fear of explosions, sometimes I get paranoid in the dark at night when I walk alone back to my room, but once I'm there I feel safe. Amazing how a single lock on the door and a blanket of security immediately befalls my shoulders.

I am impressed this 3rd workshop of mine by the caliber of people I've been fortunate to meet at Snow Farm. Artists who are a part of New England artist communities and who are extremely talented and generous.

Much love, and well rounded journeys,


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