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I reconcile action and introspection to facilitate an attentive and honest documentation of my existential experience – as seen through the vigilant lenses of our pervasive personal technologies (ie: cameras, smartphones, tablets). There is validity in obscure snapshots that showcases endless changes in awareness that take place, especially in the times of leisure I tend to draw from. These moments provide a platform to have seemingly disparate elements or images come together on paper or canvas, much like seemingly disparate thoughts exist in our minds; perceiving the fleeting present-tense while constantly bombarded by thoughts of past and future fed by an image-driven modern world.

Sketching and expressive brushstrokes are intrinsic elements to my artistic process and it is necessary to let these occurrences exist in and amongst more calculated moments that slow the frantic nature of my work. 


Rinker currently resides near Boston in Somerville, MA where she is a full time AmeriCorps Volunteer for a small non-profit educational organization called Steps to Success. She graduated in 2016 from Clemson University with a BFA in Visual Arts and her hopes for the future always include lots of paint! 



2012-2016 Clemson University

BFA in Visual Arts 

Minor in Business Administration



2017   Absence

2017   Clemson National Juried Print and Drawing Exhibition

2016   BFA Exhibition: "Embrace. Exchange. Connect."

2016   Nostalgia (Chronicle Exhibition)

2016   Connections & Conversations 

2014   Confessions CBA Show

2010   North Charleston Arts Festival



2017   Juxtaprose Online Literary Magazine volume 12

2017   Juxtaprose Online Literary Magazine volume 11

2016   The Chronicle: Nostalgia

2014   The Chronicle



2017   Cover Feature for Juxtaprose Online Literary Magazine volume 12

2010   Honorable Mention in North Charleston Arts Festival

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