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Arizona State University, 2023



SIDEWALK CHALK (26:08 performance) 5:52 Video


Wearing a white shirt and white shorts, I walk into frame and pull a "child's" briefcase of colorful chalk out of a another, "adult" briefcase. I proceed to unlatch my case, pick out a piece of chalk and slowly outline my seated body. It evolves as my body becomes increasingly active and I continuously trace myself in chalk without pause, except to change color.

I am insisting on my own existence. Questioning our perception of growing over time and the ways in which one might engage with the world as an adolescent and as an adult. The performance ends when I'm done working for the day.


A FLUXUS ORCHESTRA: Across Five States (asynchronous group performance) 1:29 Video


This is the result of Fluxus score: Rainbow No. 2 for Orchestra by the artist Ay-O, in which I asked people to participate through social media. "A totally inexperienced orchestra plays a 7 note major scale on various instruments."


Featuring: Guitar 1 (Jake Rinker), Guitar 2 (Mike Coles), Piano 1 (Pam Rinker), Piano 2 (Cindy Sharitt), and Wind Instrumentation - Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet {with no reed} (Michael Isgett).

Special thanks to these folks for collaborating on this performance.

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